In our previous blog we looked at the benefits to hiring contractors and what they can bring to the workforce. For permanent hires, the advantages might seem slightly more obvious. Nonetheless, it is always worth considering the ways permanent staff vary to temporary hires before sourcing for a particular role. So if youíre considering whatís best to do with your latest job vacancies take a look through these permanent hire benefits and work out if these qualities are a top priority.


With length of time in any business comes a level of company knowledge that canít be gained from a short term stay. The importance of this varies from role to role. In a particularly technical role for instance, it could be the case that no in depth company knowledge is needed to fulfill the job requirements. Whilst with something like marketing or HR this generally requires a good level of business knowledge including insight into company history and its plans for the future which can only be gained and preserved through the hire of permanent staff.

Culture & Loyalty

Those who come and go are far less likely to have the time to fully immerse themselves in company culture and social activity. The benefit of having permanent staff who are involved in the company culture is two-fold. Firstly, it achieves engaged staff with a heightened loyalty to the business and their colleagues, and secondly it helps the business retain their valued staff. If your aim is to hire those who are committed to staying then ensure to hire those who share your objectives.

Advancement & Business Growth

Contractors and temporary staff are typically employed for their specific set of skills which serve a particular role or project. With permanent staff, the option to invest in training and progression is far more viable. These members of the team can advance through their department hierarchy, take on future leadership positions and form a key part of business growth. Decipher whether you are employing for a short-term fix or looking to invest in long-term hires.

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