As an introduction to our upcoming guide for jobseekers on interview body language, we have explored the basics of what you can do to ensure your body is telling the right story.

As you prepare for your interview, Googling buzzwords and choosing the best examples of your successes to relate, you must remember that an enormous 55% of communication is body language. 38% is based on the tone of your voice, and just 7% comes from your words. So, to perform your best in an interview, you must choose what your body is saying as carefully as you choose what you are saying.

Hereís a head to toe guide to walk you through the basics:

When you are under pressure your body does what it can to help, relieving or exorcising this stress by moving, fidgeting, tapping or via other forms of expression. When you deliberately stop your face or voice from showing unease, your body compensates by releasing the tension elsewhere. The trick is not to force yourself to bottle up tension but to manage how to express it, even turn it to your advantage.

Making a conscious effort to use certain body language to appear comfortable or bold is not a failsafe; it would be naÔve to suggest that holding eye contact slightly longer than usual will immediately win over an interviewer, but using the tricks and techniques outlined in our upcoming guide will free you up to be yourself, removing obstacles of nervousness, letting you breathe easy and flourish in the interview environment.

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