This May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

This May, we are running a month-long campaign to raise awareness of mental health in collaboration with parent company RSG.

By raising awareness of mental health and the different types of support available for people, we are hoping to create an open and understanding environment where people feel more comfortable talking about mental health.

We know that various factors can have a large impact on people and their mental health. As we work in a high-stress industry, we think it’s important to better understand the ways in which we can take care of our wellbeing and support the wellbeing of others. Ultimately people are very important to us and RSG wouldn’t function without them so we want to focus on the welfare of all employees by raising awareness of mental health.

Adam Meadows, Managing Director of Solutions at RSG said:

“We are launching this campaign in order that we can create a more open forum for discussion of mental health issues amongst our colleagues, candidates and clients. If we can help just one person who is experiencing mental health challenges by demonstrating to them that they are not alone and that others are going through similar things then this campaign will have been worthwhile.”

As part of this campaign, Adam has opened up about his own mental health experiences.

Throughout the month of May we will also be outlining some of the support available if you or a loved one are experiencing mental illness or have mental health concerns.

For help and information on mental illness and where to go for help, the following websites provide excellent support and guidance for mental health issues:

  1. NHS
  2. Mind
  3. Time to Change Campaign
  4. Rethink

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