In a competitive marketplace, those who can truly call themselves experts in any subject area will always be in high demand. Highly growing businesses create positions which require niche and specialist talent. Those who possess this rare calibre of skills may not be easily accessible on home soil. So what happens when you must look to the global marketplace to solve a talent shortage?

To attract candidates from overseas to your company, your reputation as a top employer will need to shine above the rest. Here’s a few ideas and practical ways to improve your employer brand on a global scale.

Understand Overseas Markets & Candidates

Through researching the countries you are searching for candidates in, you can gauge an idea of any cultural differences in the expectations people have in the roles they are searching for. This enables you to target your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) based on this. This may mean emphasising the development/training opportunities you offer, a competitive salary, benefits, the quality of management or a creative culture. Regardless, it is worthwhile knowing which of these in particular are most appealing to your target candidate or market. Do not make the assumption that people everywhere want the same thing from a job.

Brand Ambassadors

It would be possible to find a similar job for most candidates in numerous locations. So, if not for the job itself, what would inspire you to relocate? The workplace culture is an essential selling point when looking to attract global talent. Prospective candidates want to know the enticing aspects of your company culture and the parts which ensure they’ll feel at home there too. This means looking within the business and drawing out those who serve well as role models for the attractive and diverse environment you foster.


Equip potential employees for working in a new location by providing and advertising training programmes which will prepare them for any functional and geographical differences. By equipping them to be as successful as possible in a new location you are also sending out a clear message that you recognise ability and that international candidates won’ t be hindered by an unfamiliar culture.


Improving your international recruitment process can make a significant difference to the quality and quantity of candidates you have access to. You may also consider how best to improve the efficiency and ease of the relocation process. For instance:

  • Offering VISA sponsorship
  • Reducing travel time and costs with skype interviews and sponsored travel
  • Proposing 6 month contracts where possible to give candidates a low-risk trial period for the role

Understanding and grasping the relevant selling points when attracting talent outside of the local candidate pool can make the difference between a successful search and an expensive experiment. These are just a few points to consider when strategizing for this process, however you should remember, regardless of your approach, to customise each strategy specifically to the location you are targeting.

- Liva Servan

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