The UK Government has recently announced new reforms to the Off-Payroll Working Reform (IR35).

These reforms will lead to major changes for the private sector as the ways in which end users of contingent labour (primarily contractors) and how their contingent workforce is managed will change.

There will be an additional burden on the private sector to determine the way that contractors are engaged and therefore whether they should be determined to be inside or outside the scope of the legislation.

The change is planned for April 2020 and so, prior to that date, companies will have to get their contingent workforce assessed and processes put in place that will minimise the burden and impact of the reforms.

As an MSP, our role is to work with the customer to minimise the impact, assess the incumbent workforce and put future processes in place to minimise the burden and risk throughout the supply chain.

The reforms are coming and companies that lean on supply chain partners such as an MSP will be prepared come April 2020 with minimal disruption or risk.

My advice?

  • Plan ahead
  • Understand the reforms
  • Ensure that the contingent workforce and supply chain is visible and engaged
  • Communicate the changes to the business and supply chain
  • Build robust processes for assessment, communications and managing the inevitable challenges.

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