It is no secret that humans are resistant to change and that the ability to adapt can vary considerably between individuals. At work, this is no different.

The concept of alternative ways of working can be a seamless addition to one person’s routine and yet be a total disruption to another’s – even within the same team, never mind in a different department.

So, the task of undertaking a change management project – big or small – can seem like an insurmountable task and HR is often in the crossfire of bringing about a successful programme that enables change to happen in line with business expectations, timelines and budget.

Even in fair weather we might expect change to have arduous and complex elements – but how do you accomplish this in times of great upheaval or specific challenge?

As part of our most recent white paper by The HR World, our HR networking platform, we were lucky enough to have leading HR specialist Orlagh Hunt share her personal experiences of a major transformation project and its successes.

Having endured and survived the challenging economic crash of 2008, Orlagh’s experience at AIB during this time is both an insightful and thought-provoking lesson for businesses, leaders and employees.

‘When I joined AIB back in 2012, the bank was bailed out to the tune of €21 billion and as a result, became 99.8% state owned. Customers, employees and the media had turned against us. This was a business badly in need of transformation.

“We have played a key role in supporting the business agenda and we’ve re-aligned and re-engaged the workforce following the impact of the financial crisis. We’ve taken bold decisions and demonstrated our ability to act strategically.

"We are now working more collaboratively with the business and are excited by the part we can play in helping AIB become a bank our staff and customers can truly believe in."

In just three years, Orlagh Hunt transformed the HR function at AIB and contributed significantly to the overall business turnaround.

To find out more about Orlagh’s story and thoughts from all the HR professionals who attended The HR World round table debate, download our free whitepaper here

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