The holidays have passed and we have reached that time of year when everybody discusses their New Year’s resolutions. Whilst goals such as quitting smoking or ‘getting fit’ are positive ideals, the majority fall short. This year, why not also pursue an endeavour focused around your work? Below are four things to consider for 2015…

1. ‘Rev up your résumé’ - Amy Levin-Epstein (CBS Moneywatch)

Whilst you might not be actively seeking new employment, effort should be made to regularly update your CV. When you’re comfortable in a job this might seem inconvenient, but in the current business environment the employer often comes to you. This is especially true for highly skilled individuals, who may be approached by head-hunters with time-sensitive offers. Presented with a lucrative offer, would you really want to be rushing to update your CV?

Another benefit is that you automatically review your progress and establish ‘where you’re at’ in your current role and career. Considering most employment involves reviews and appraisals with management, this can help you provide a comprehensive justification of your contributions and achievements to date. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then consider steps you could take and ways you could ‘upskill’ yourself to improve your CV.

Read more about ‘upskilling’ yourself here: ‘New Year’s Resolution; three easy ways to upskill yourself outside of work’.

2. ‘A healthy work-life balance’ - Mike Harden (CEO, Clarity Group)

Another great New Years resolution is to ensure you are content with your work-life balance; you should be working to live, not living to work. As remote working becomes more common and the traditional working day becomes less common, it is increasingly difficult to establish when work finishes. As a result an ‘always on’ culture has materialised, so to counter this it’s vital that you establish your own boundaries and fill your time away from work with activities you enjoy.

30% of UK employees experience a mental health problem annually due to long hours and thinking about work away from the office, so the issue clearly needs to be addressed. Pursue hobbies, socialise, do things that relax you and to the best of your ability, leave work at work. Consider your out-of-office/annual leave approach: some people prefer to check emails once daily, some wish to remain contactable only by phone/text and others don’t want to be disturbed at all. Those with limited annual leave should try to stagger it across the year and whilst at work, take regular breaks whilst eating and drinking sufficiently.

Read more about work-life balance in our recent here: ‘Life-Work balance; employers and employees need to get their priorities straight’.

3. ‘Put another oar in the water’ - Liz Ryan (CEO & Founder, Human Workplace)

Alternatively, if you find your self with an abundance of time available and an ambition to increase your earning potential, why not generate a new revenue stream? Most of us have marketable skills and many individuals have side-businesses consulting, bookkeeping, designing websites and providing administrative support. Liz Ryan states that “everybody has marketable skills and everybody can grow entrepreneurial muscles by selling their expertise”. Whilst acknowledging your extra earning potential, a healthy work-life balance should still remain your priority.

4. ‘New year, new career?’ - Rachel Emma-Silverman (Wall Street Journal)

Finally, serious consideration should be given to your current position in the work place. Do you feel happy, valued, adequately rewarded and motivated? Or do you frequently regret the one (job) that got away? The most difficult step towards evolution in 2015 could be to change jobs or even career. Consider your career so far and whether your vocational goals can be achieved with your current employer.

Whichever goals you decide to pursue in 2015 we wish you the best of luck!

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