Making smart choices when choosing staffing types could be the critical difference between the success of a project or its downfall. With options between contractors and permanent staff both offering positives it can be difficult to decide which suits the short and long term needs of your business better. So how do we decide? Here are a few key aspects to consider when looking at your holistic resourcing model:


Access to specialist skills

In the event of a project which requires specialist skills that your current employees arenít qualified for, hiring a contractor to fill the skills gap can be a practical solution to the problem. Contractors are flexible resources whom are able to bring niche, technical or hard-to-find skills to your business purely for the duration that you require.


Unlike committing to a salary, contractors operate on a daily rate which can prove cost effective when only looking for a short-term need. When a business is going through a period of peaks and troughs it is difficult to commit to a sustainable work load and long term career progression of permanent employees. Contract hires also come to the business with experience and training already under their belts so they donít have the additional development costs that you may be investing in permanent members of staff.

Time effective

As a result of the lesser commitment of contractors versus permanent staff, it is possible to have them join your business much faster. Any sudden departmental needs or business demands can be quickly met with the hiring of a contractor who is likely to be immediately available rather than in a position of working a notice period before they can join you.



Permanent staff provide a valuable opportunity for development and growth. With long-term commitment you can afford to invest in training to build the businessí succession plans whilst keeping your team engaged, motivated and forward thinking.

Long-term commitment

Whilst a project will have an end date, the businessí need to change and grow often results in a need for a sustainable and strong Change capability. For this reason, it is often a massive benefit to have people who are permanently within the business to continually see these projects through and bring their experience of the business to the table each time.

Company culture

Short term hires donít always have the opportunity to integrate in the same way that staff do when they work somewhere long-term. Permanent hires tend to be more a part of the company culture, more aware of the internal processes and quirks, and have a better invested interest in the future of the company.

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