A Project MSP, or Pop-up MSP, can be used as an on-demand solution to overcome peaks in contractor numbers or for a unique resourcing challenge. It differs from a full MSP as it has a specified beginning and end date and can be a way of receiving the full benefits of an MSP without the time commitment or lengthy procurement process. It is agile, bespoke and designed to be implemented quickly by an MSP expert.

When do I need one?

Project MSP can be implemented in a variety of instances but mainly when a client needs to hire a number of contractors, rapidly and for a specific piece of work. This might be used during periods of migration, technology updates, product launches, integrations, regulatory deadlines and digital enhancements. New start-up businesses would also benefit from this service.

What are the benefits?

Rather than an ongoing implementation as found in a full MSP, a Project MSP is very quick to implement; a service can be fully live within 2 weeks but resources can be delivered immediately.

The benefits of a Project MSP include:

What’s next?

Your MSP delivery team will be responsible for sourcing and securing quality candidates and ensuring that your requirements are met. If you’d like to find out more about Resource Management’s Project MSP services, please do not hesitant to contact us.

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