We’re excited to announce that group company RSG has been shortlisted as one of only two finalists for the ‘Best Emerging Talent Employer in Recruitment’ award at the prestigious Recruiters Investing in Talent Awards.

The awards identify recruitment businesses who put talent first. It takes insightful and clever companies to recognise the value of current and future talent and who invest in learning and development, attractive pay and benefits strategy.

The award we have been shortlisted for recognises companies that offer the most outstanding employment situation for ‘emerging talent’ in terms of career and employment opportunities, training and development, feedback and benefits. The full shortlist can be found here.

“We all recognise that in recruitment our biggest asset is our people. What better way to reward the efforts of our teams in developing talent at all levels of our organisation than through shortlisting for this award? All employers who invest in talent will reap the benefits of this investment for years to come.”

The winners of the Recruiter’s Investing in Talent Awards 2018 is taking place on 31 October 2018 from 6.30pm at the Brewery, London. Guests will enjoy a delightful gala dinner that will recognise and reward companies in the industry for investing in current and future talent.

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