Today’s business leaders are naturally concerned about cost and time when it comes to improving recruitment, however, this can sometimes result in missing out on significant benefits due to a lack of commitment to quality.

Perhaps this is because quality of hire is hard to define – maybe too complex or shapeless an idea to look at in the shorter term and instead leaders look toward the more concrete aspect of how long it will take to fill a position and how hard this will hit the bottom line.

However, to improve a business’s performance it is game changing to have the right talent at the right time. This means that as an RPO provider our starting point is not whether but how quality of hire can be achieved.

First it is important to know that there are things outside of your control at work in the market that will also define your ability to attain great quality of hire.

Talent continues to be in short supply and this situation looks likely to worsen, which means competition for the available talent is international with companies offering more per head.

This is resulting in those who are in demand being more aware of their own worth and setting their expectation levels accordingly.

And, while we are on stronger economic ground, money still does not appear to be growing on trees and so recruiting budgets are under scrutiny.

Talent strategies are key to overcoming these hurdles – here are five top tips on how to develop such a plan:

  • Define how you measure candidate quality
  • Identify why you might not be attracting the best in market. Ask: Is it your employer brand/remuneration/ selection criteria/ recruitment process/ recruitment partners/ are you going to market for the wrong people? Then work with partners, employees and candidates to get feedback
  • Build a strategy and implement change in the areas that you can control - interview training, improving job specifications, adding more rigor into the process, review your recruitment partners, review recruitment advertising and comms, review your employee referral scheme and internal recruitment processes
  • Work with specialist suppliers, a good RPO will work with you through all of the above but there are specialist businesses that will offer individual services
  • Measure, communicate and celebrate success!

Jonny Hiles is Client Services Director for Resource Management, an RSG company

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