Following student graduation comes the closing date for many of the most popular and sought after graduate schemes in the UK. Over-subscription to these schemes is a yearly occurrence and typically leaves many graduates still job seeking for months after. As you review the areas within your business requiring new recruits, it is worth considering the benefits of including graduates within the mix. Here are three big gains graduates can bring to your business.


Generally, most graduates have studied a degree which offers a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to the roles they could work in. These individuals are an invaluable source when it comes to filling entry level positions across the board. They will typically have a range of transferable skills which put them in good stead to meet criteria for all the basic requirements of the job and tend to be enthusiastic and fast learners for any available training. Graduates are a great resource for entry jobs which still require a small degree of previous experience or training, and are particularly good for positions which offer some career progression but are traditionally hard to attract candidates to.

Cost Efficient

Due to lesser work-place experience, graduates usually seek salaries which are lower than those more advanced in their careers but without degrees. They will likely have sought work experience, internships and short work stints during their university period and have the bonus of three to four years of work-place study. This puts graduates into a unique category within the candidate pool as they offer good value for money against valuable skills and a willingness to learn and progress.

Home-Grown Talent

In many ways, if a candidate joins your company with a Business degree, for example, then they will have a range of basic business skills but are otherwise a blank slate. This is a huge benefit if you are looking to recruit those who can form home-grown talent and progress internally within the business. Taking on graduates, training them and setting them on a clear progression path could mean that in years to come you will have senior level staff who have progressed fully through the ranks from entry level.

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