Throughout the year, our recruitment specialists create blogs to share a piece of their behind-the-scenes knowledge with you. As the year draws to a close, we’ve picked some of 2016’s most valuable advice so that you can enter 2017 fully equipped. Here are the top four blogs we think you need to read before the New Year.

Six Tips on Improving Your EVP

One of the biggest reasons staff move on to new employers for a similar role is the difference in EVP. When a company has a great EVP they contribute massively to their employee attraction and retention strategy. Save yourselves time and money by improving your EVP with these tips.

– Jonny Hiles,Client Services Director

The Apprenticeship Levy; what does it mean and how does it work?

With the apprenticeship levy set to come in to action from Spring 2017, it is important for any employer to know whether or not the levy will effect them and what to do if it will. This is one of the biggest changes for 2017 and employers shouldn’t risk this coming as a surprise to them.

– Lizzie Hawkins, Client Services Manager

Ways to Improve the candidate experience

Finding great candidates in a competitive environment is as much about impressing them as it is about them impressing you. Improving your candidate experience ensures you’re sending the right message out to your current candidates and anyone who applies to your roles in future.

- Abi Taylor, Recruitment Business Partner

Using a Recruitment Agency; what’s in it for you?

Recruitment agencies are often surrounded by myths and muddles when it comes to deciphering how they can really help businesses. There are several simple cost-saving and time efficient solutions that agencies offer to businesses.

- Hannah Caruana, Recruitment Business Partner

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