So you need new staff and you know, with the right people, your business will function better than ever, but youíve not yet hired anyone. Perhaps this is because the recruitment process is simply too time consuming for your business with little time to spare. Or maybe the thought of interviewing numerous candidates to find just one ideal candidate fills you with a little bit of dread. Not to mention the frustrating task of filtering through hundreds of unsuitable cvs to find a small handful of candidates to interview in the first place. For you, recruiting suddenly becomes a job in itself. We donít blame you if this isnít appealing; after all, you never signed up to be a recruitment consultant. Fortunately, we did. So in this blog weíve asked, Hannah Caruana, to outline a few of the ways Resource Management can make your recruitment needs totally painless.

Knowing You

There is little point in anyone recruiting for a role if they donít have significant knowledge of the company, the role itself and how the market for this role operates. This is why we supply a dedicated Relationship Manager or Business Partner whose job it is to really get to know your organisation and culture. Having an onsite Recruitment Partner gives us a truly in depth understanding of your brand and gives you the opportunity to stay fully in the loop with how we intend to represent you in the market place. A huge factor in attracting the right candidates is managing the relationship between the employer and the market they are advertising in, this is why we place utmost importance on really gathering who you are and what your business is all about.

Accurate Information

For many businesses struggling to find great candidates the problem can lie in the access they have to accurate market information. As consultants spend every day speaking to candidates and gaining specialist knowledge on particular markets they are in an ideal position for advising employers on realistic market expectations, where to find the right candidates, and what types of skill sets are available. Recruiters are able to advise on what salary you should expect to offer and what these candidates will look for in return from you. This can reduce time spent searching for candidates considerably and increase the likelihood of attracting candidates who are right for the job and likely to accept the job.

The Details

The part of the recruitment process that serves as the biggest burden on any business happens to be the part that our expertise can really excel in. We write job adverts, find the best candidates (including the ones with niche specialisms), pre-interview them to assess their suitability for the role, and after an incredibly detailed search process, we present you with the shortlist of the candidates who have what youíre looking for. When doing your own recruitment so much of your time can be spent filtering and assessing people who arenít qualified for the role, using our services means you arenít presented with just job seekers but rather, true candidates for the vacancy.

Resource Management (RM) are able to tailor their services to the exact requirements of your recruitment needs; may these be big or small. Agents donít necessarily help only with your specific recruitment needs, but can also assist you with larger tasks, such as supporting careers days, creating candidate brochures and even inputting into business cases. The breadth of a RM service is very much to do with the wants and needs of your business.

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- Hannah Caruana

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