As the construction industry begins to see signs of recovery, attention will turn to how the construction sector meets a growing skills shortage. How construction companies attract, recruit and retain talent will be more critical than ever for meeting their growth plans. Mark Boorman, Head of HR Operations at Wates, explains:

“In the past our approach to attracting talent has been reactive and heavily reliant on third party recruitment agencies as well as our own personal networks. This has meant that we have sometimes struggled to compete in the ‘war for talent’ in an industry where skills are highly sought after by many of the competition.

To enable our business to recruit quicker, better and smarter, we have partnered with Resource Management - experts in providing recruitment solutions and services that help companies to attract and recruit the best talent at reduced cost through developing their employer brand.

Over the past three months, Resource Management has been working closely with the Wates’ HR Leadership Team and HR Operations to design a service that will bring a number of benefits and cost savings. As part of the new partnership, Resource Management will provide a dedicated recruitment function that will take ownership for acquiring new talent and remove a lot of the burden of recruitment from hiring managers and HR.

The service, officially launched in April this year, will raise the profile of Wates as an Employer of Choice, maximising exposure and use of the Wates employment brand, and will fully embrace new channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter to attract the right people to our organisation.”

Will Chitty, Recruitment Business Partner, Resource Management comments: “My role will allow Wates’ hiring managers to focus on their core business while I manage the process of securing the best talent available in the marketplace. I am particularly excited about using my social media expertise and witnessing the benefits of utilising various social media platforms effectively to establish a strong position for the Wates brand.”

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